Lock Rekeying

One of the more popular services we provide is Lock Rekeying, rather than replacing locks already present on doors, we disassemble existing locks and then reassemble them with a rearranged pinning sequence, locking the old keys out and issuing you a new set. There are many reasons for locks requiring to be rekeyed, some of them include :

  • After a break-in/home invasion
  • Purchasing a new home
  • Loosing your keys
  • Change of residents (eg. partner or housemate moving out)
  • In-between rental tenants
  • To limit house keys to a singular key

When rekeying locks we always endeavour to key all locks alike to one individual key, however some properties may contain locks with different profiles of keyway (meaning a key will not physically go into another lock). We carry most residential locks onboard and can replace any odd profile locks making these doors compatible to be keyed alike with the rest of your property.

Bailiff Evictions & Bank Repossessions

Bailiff Evictions can be a tough and sensitive process. Ensuring security during and after an eviction is paramount for property owners and managers. We try easing this process by providing high quality, time-efficient service. We also arrive stocked with a range of locks, door recovery plates, padlocks and chain to ensure every property is secure even in the most challenging situations.  

With over 30 years experience in the Locksmith industry, we understand the prerequisites of this type of work and the necessity for the utmost professionalism at a sensitive time as well as the need to work fast and under pressure. We will gain entry and secure the property on the first visit for 99% of all bailiff evictions and bank repossessions.

If you have a bailiff eviction scheduled contact us here or on 0400 040 838