Master Key & Restricted Systems

Master Keying

Master Key systems are utilised widely in the commercial sector. Allowing for the control of access to unauthorised areas with only specific level keys allowed through. On larger buildings or through a combination of buildings, levels of access start to grow and a hierarchy starts to form.

Common levels of key in master key systems, include master, grand master, great grand master and lower levels such as cleaners and maintenance level keys. Every door within a system has the ability to be unlocked with the systems top level master key.

We have an extensive range of knowledge and experience in creating tailored master key systems suiting your needs.

Master Keying & Restricted Systems. Locksmith

Restricted Key Systems

Add an extra layer of security to your business by installing a restricted system. Restricted key systems are uniquely designed keys that provide the ability to limit the number of people who can obtain a duplicate of a particular key.

Restricted key profiles have design patents, preventing other manufacturers from producing the key blanks.

Restricted keys within a system can only be cut by the locksmith whom installed that system, ensuring no additional keys enter circulation.

We require signed documentation from authorised signatories designated during the design process; ensuring only authorised personnell can issue new keys.

Restricted key profiles are designed to be pick-proof, manufactured in such a way lock picks usually cannot enter.

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